How to install and use Kellyy Mobile Presets

For Lightroom Classic Desktop Subscribers

Directions only if you have a subscription to lightroom on your computer

*this method allows subscribers to sync the presets between the Lightroom cc app on desktop with mobile and is less steps. You can still use the first set of instructions above right to your phone if you prefer. This method is faster.

Download and import on your computer

  1. If you have not already, download the Lightroom CC app for DESKTOP (this is not the Lightroom Classic for Desktop)
  2. Also download Lightroom mobile to your phone if not already  
  3. Download your file to your desktop
  4. Unzip the file
  5. Go to your Lightroom CC desktop app and navigate to the editing bar on the side and locate on the bottom “Presets”
  6. Click “Presets”
  7. Click “Manage Presets”
  8. Click the “...” menu in the top corner of the preset menu and click “Import Presets”
  9. Select the preset folder(s) you wish to import
  10. Click “Import”
  11. You’ll now see in the preset list the folder(s) with all the presets in it

Sync with mobile (if you aren’t already syncing)

  1. In the top corner, click the cloud icon and set yourself up to to sync with your lightroom mobile app
  2. Open up your mobile app and after syncing is done, you should see that new folders of the presets are now in your app if you Navigate to presets in the editing bar of a photo
  3. Use and enjoy!